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[BV bicycle] GF55E bicycle pump one year warranty, bicycle pump, bicycle pump, aluminum alloy pump, upright pump

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✨Professional rider introduction: the first part of cycling introduction-how to cheer up? How to buy a pump?

[There are so many pumps, why choose us? 】
1. Warranty for one year: normal use, no cause damage (no traumatic rupture), just get a good one for you
2. If you are unsatisfied within 15 days after you buy it back, you can return the product without being wordy.
3. Super-intuitive: Double-headed air nozzles, no need to swap internal air nozzles!
4. No smart mouth 🚫 air leakage shortcomings, low consumption rate!
5. After purchase, if you don’t know how to use it, you can chat with a private messaging helper and teach directly
6. The chat response rate is very high: unless the helper is eating, sleeping and riding, as long as you have questions, you will respond quickly when you see the message (returns are in accordance with the current laws and regulations, the appearance of the product must be kept brand new and sold, and the product packaging is not available This limit)

-Product desciption-
Black, yellow-no turntable. Made in Taiwan

🌟【Product Specifications】
-Origin: Taiwanese company goods-Product warranty: 1 year (non-artificial rupture and trauma)
-Air Nozzle: American/French/British free conversion-Double-head air nozzle (with ball needle)
-Suitable for: bicycles, cars, motorcycles, carts, children's scooter, ball pumping, swimming ring pumping-Size: cylinder height 61 cm / handle width 23 cm / base width 24 cm
-Weight: [Champagne Yellow: 1 kg] [Flat Black: 1 kg] [Jazz Silver: 1 kg]
-Accessories: with ball needle, inflatable nozzle

🌟【Feature introduction】
-Patented double-headed air nozzles -It can be used when changing directions, without the shortcomings of smart mouth leaking -The maximum air pressure can reach 160 PSI
-Super atmospheric pressure gauge-Eye-catching and easy to read, no need to worry about hitting your head-Wide grip-Ergonomic design, stable pumping and more peace of mind-Large base-Non-slip rubber material, pressurized force is more labor-saving-Adjustable angle hose- Increase ventilation and reduce hose aging due to repeated torsion————————————————————————
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